How To Do Marketing During the COVID-19

How To Do Marketing During the COVID-19

How To Do Marketing During the COVID-19

COVID-19 Has Been An Economic Disaster

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you are well aware of the coronavirus outbreak and the COVID-19 global pandemic.

This COVID-19 has been an economic disaster and many people are wondering how to do marketing during the COVID-19.

If wondering how to do marketing during the COVID-19 wasn’t enough, it has been since the Spanish Flu in 1918 that the World saw this level of a pandemic.

Nothing since then truly compares to what the COVID-19 is and the worldwide effects it is causing.

The problem is, none of us were alive back then, and anyone that was certainly won’t remember much or be able to recall anything.

This means that nobody knows what marketing during a global pandemic like the COVID-19 is like.

That makes it tough.

We can, however, look at history and do our research and due diligence.

With enough data points, we could use machine learning or even just complex algorithms to create a predictive model of what may or may not happen.

This would give us some idea of what to expect.

Removed Trillions Of Dollars From The Global Markets

While we are unable to look at a time in the markets as indicative of what to expect today during the COVID-19, there are other times where the market has taken a significant downturn.

It is important to note that the stock market had its second-biggest single-day drop ever due to the coronavirus.

This has removed trillions of dollars from the Global markets.

This means, in general, less cash on hand for people to spend. There will be less ability to leverage your assets for more credit which equates to even less money to spend.

History has shown us regarding market crashes and marketing budgets is that marketing budgets are often one of the first things companies decrease or shed altogether.

Far Beyond Market Mechanisms

For instance, in the 2009 recession that followed the 2008 stock market crash marketing budgets dropped 12%.

This alone does not mean that is the right thing to do.

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But in times of normal recession, where there is normal market contraction to a cyclical financial problem, most people myself included would not recommend stopping your advertising.

The scary part for us in 2020 with how to do marketing during the COVID-19 is that we are dealing with something far beyond market mechanisms.

We are dealing with a forced shut-down of multiple countries for extended periods. Most of these Countries are already debt-laden, now forced to further borrowing and money schemes in order just to try and save the economy.

This has created a near-immediate situation where people simply can’t advertise because they are unable and often unallowed to even be open for business let alone bring customers in or fulfill orders.

Fear Can Grip People

Not only that, but Global pandemics also are situations in which people can start acting irrationally.


Fear can grip people to the point of complete inaction.

The level of shock to the system can turn some people crazy.

These are happenings beyond the control and predictability of what is normal or rational or common sense.

All of this makes it a bit trickier to not only predict what will happen but what the right strategy is.

How to do marketing during the COVID-19 isn’t all bad of course.

Some industries and sectors will see a substantial uptick.

It is also a great time to divert money from advertising into SEO, as this will reap you sustained returns and eventually free organic traffic that converts.

These are areas where they will want to do more marketing and increase their budgets.

But if you are somebody who was forced to close, it would be irresponsible to try and convince you to spend money on buy now advertising if you have no active customers or clients.

That is what makes this a critical time to be able to see the big picture and approach how to do marketing during the COVID-19 with a new strategy and plan.

This strategy and plan must be personalized to the situation.

Think Of How You Will Be Perceived

One of the most important things to consider during these COVID-19 times is how you will be perceived.

What your actions are going to look like to people.

These actions can be anything from buying high-demand products and jacking the price gargantuanly, to sending marketing emails, to lending a helping hand.

Removing yourself from the situation and standing back and taking a look at how everyone and everything is being perceived, it is clear that doing anything and saying anything during a global pandemic like the COVID-19 is a risky business.

The Chinese got destroyed for sending us a bunch of masks and other medical equipment, simply because Canada decided to send them some masks a month previous.

This means that even Goodwill during a time when so much of it is needed, has to be done right or else the expense simply won't be worth it.

Number One Choice During A Pandemic Is Goodwill

All of this being said I do not want you to think a global pandemic is a bad or terrible time to do marketing, or lend a hand, just that you should be more careful than normal with what you say and do.

First things first the best marketing that is happening for companies right now are for those that are jumping in and lending a hand during the COVID-19.

Anyone retrofitting their operations to produce hand sanitizer or any other high-demand product will be seen as heroes.

So the number one choice for the best long-term sustainable marketing in global pandemics is Goodwill…

The number two thing to do during a pandemic and this COVID-19 is SEO

I know that sounds convenient as we offer SEO services however this recommendation is based on our own personal experience as well as the markets.

With only 44% of small businesses spending any time or money on SEO, now is the best time to take other marketing monies and invest them into your SEO.


This is because SEO isn't an in-your-face give me money now style of marketing. It is targeting people who are organically searching for information, service and/or products. This is inobtrusive and sustainable. This generates long-term upwards gains. You will reap the benefits of more organic traffic and help give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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Take Advantage

These are the times that if you are in the position to take advantage, that you need to try and be a hero, at least for your company.

The tricky part is making sure it doesn’t come across like marketing or gimmick for profit, it has to be legit and genuine otherwise you will get slaughtered by the cynical market at home cabin fever crazy and just looking to tear someone apart online consumer base of 2020.

So naturally, anything you can do to help during these times is critical.

Besides goodwill, any kind of help you can give customers and clients will be the next best thing in regards to how to do marketing during the COVID-19.

For us, we are offering no-interest financing and no payments for 3 months, besides the deposit, and that’s on consulting and marketing!

But I can’t look at it like we are amazing for offering such a thing, it just has to be the least we can do to help people out.

Things Are Going To Pick Back Up

But what if you just have basic products or services, and are feeling the pressure to decrease your ad spend or stop doing SEO, is now the time to turn off the tap?

Not necessarily, it ultimately depends.

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Consumers are going to decrease their spending for a period of time, but this is mostly on discretionary items.

Also, lots of people will make it through the pandemic just fine financially.

But things are going to pick back up!

The stock market will rise and get back to the same levels we saw pre coronavirus.

Marketing budgets will come back.

Marketing itself is a $1.6 trillion+ industry. It was expected to increase by about 8% in 2020 alone.

That is a huge industry.

With 2 billion more people expected on this planet, the marketing industry is only going to increase.

Technology is just too hot.

Solutions to World problems are just too great.

Content consumption is exploding.

Humans like convenience.

Humans like comforts.

We also usually like luxury.

We Are Dealing With A Small Contraction

The advancement of knowledge and the spread of information has been exponential to improving our way of life.

The demand for many many things will continue to be strong.

We are dealing with a small contraction.

This means the World will lose some companies and some jobs.

Some people will not be able to come back and be stuck in a situation of poverty.

But most, one way or another, will come out of this pandemic and survive.

Many will even flourish.

So while scary and frightening and tricky to figure out what to do, the reality is this is a time of survival for many.

If you can survive these lockdowns, you should be able to come out of it on the other side and be prosperous and successful.

Now Is A Great Time To Do Some Spending

So how to do marketing during the COVID-19 will depend ultimately on how you have to survive during these times.

SEO is probably the safest area to spend money right now, besides Goodwill. Its less risky and gives you long-term sustainable results. This is something that can really kick in as the lockdowns ease, which could help you really take a larger share of the market, especially locally...

If you are in full shutdown without a penny to spend, then it would be extremely rude and irresponsible of me to suggest spending any money at all.

If however, you are in a more comfortable position now is a great time to do some spending.

Interest rates are low.

Many companies are going to be rather eager to close deals and get clients and customers. This is a good time to ask for some relief or a discount.

You are in a great position to use this situation to negotiate prices down, on everything other than masks, groceries, toilet paper, etc.

This may be for some SEO work or some website work.

You can bet a lot of companies have lost a lot of clients and customers and are close to closing for good.

Some of these companies are very good at what they do yet the extreme crisis nobody can plan for has put them in a position of desperation.

Chance To Get A Good Deal

While not very hero-like, it is a chance to get a good deal on service and product from some companies.

Anything you do now is going to give you a boost over the competition unless they are doing the same thing of course

These downturns can be a great time to do the following:

• restructure
• create new services and products
• get to some old to-do list items
• have strategy sessions
• offer different promotions
• clean house
• focus your strategy
• organize your marketing
• start things now that will help you in 6-12 months
• Invest into SEO

Doing any of the above will help you get ahead of the competition.

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Another extremely important task during a downturn and especially the COVID-19 is to restructure and organize your ad campaigns and marketing.

Don't Forget To Turn Off That Automated Email on a Travel Promotion

You have to make sure you turn off that automated ad that offers a promotion on some travel deal.

Any automated task needs to be looked at to be sure you turn off anything that was planned months previous to this outbreak and that might cause a huge backlash.

Its just not worth suffering that level of backlash for something so easy as checking your automated posts or emails.

Also, be careful of Brand Awareness in these times. You may be tempted to think more people will be on social media and ramping up a brand awareness campaign is the right thing to do, but you should think twice before jumping in. To learn more about why Brand Awareness may not be the best idea check this article out Brand Awareness Marketing - Is Brand Awareness A Sham?. While it may still be advisable to advertise, in a crisis situation you can suffer large brand destruction for sending the wrong message and turn your followers off.

You will want to tweak many of your campaigns.

There is less traffic in certain sectors and more traffic in some.

Either situation requires a different organization of your ad account.

So optimizing your ad accounts is a supercritical task you must accomplish during this COVID-19 or any other downturn.

This can help save you money, or at least maintain the level of action you had previously or not miss out on any extra activities that may be occurring.

This could be increasing your ad spend, adding new negative keywords, changing your bid type, changing your target locations etc.

If you are someone who DIY’s a lot, and you have some time on your hands, now is a great time for some SEO work


Thigs To Remember

Things to remember about how to do marketing during the COVID-19

• Goodwill is the best marketing in these times
• SEO is the second-best marketing to do during these times
• Many people are cynical and sensitive to people taking advantage of others during these times
• Not everything is bad, some companies are seeing huge increases in sales
• Things will get better
• There are critical tasks that must be done
• Each situation is different and every solution must be personalized
• Nobody knows what to do during a pandemic, people can only make educated guesses
• Most peoples minds will be on the COVID-19, not on your service or product, so be careful and take care with your message and your frequency

Please don't forget to take a big deep breath.

And then remember each situation is different and there are no rules that are going to apply across the board. Advice should be specific to you and your situation.

Anything else will be a disservice. Things will get good again, this is simply a time to stay safe and weather the storm, or take advantage of a big tsunami of action...

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