Creative and Marketing Consulting
Get an unbiased non-partisan expert opinion on your creative and marketing. Save money, gain insights and more...
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Get friendly advice and insight into the creative and marketing areas of your business...

Get friendly advice and insight into the creative and marketing areas of your business...

You can choose from a variety of consulting options to help get the best value for your personal situation...

Whether you need just a small consultation to make sure you are on the right track or to get the expert insight and insider information to help make the best decision or to the full-blown consultation to break down your whole company and apply a strategy, we can help...

Personalized Strategy Session

Personalized Strategy Session.

➼ 60+ mins via Phone or Skype.

➼ A complimentary Cheat-Sheet valued at $225...

➼ Get a jump start on an effective strategy designed to win with a Mayer Mini-Marketing Strategy today!

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Quick-Fire Consult

Get a 30 minute max Quick-Fire Consultation via phone or skype.

You can save time and money while removing confusion and doubt with a quick-fire consultation.

Receive tips and tricks plus answers to some of your questions.

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Creative Consulting

Creative is really where art direction and design meet strategy...

The creative can often one of if not the most important aspect in a campaign or project...

This can range from the right ad design for the specific platform it is intended for. To your logo, website, branding, packages, peripherals and more...

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Marketing Consulting

Marketing is a big and oftentimes confusing subject.

Let's not forget its actually quite boring and drab!

Often referred to as drivel, Marketing should be one of Maslows Hierarcheal needs, without it nobody would know you exist, no matter what you sell...

Because of this it's super important to refine and hone your marketing, ensuring the proper strategy and plan.

If any part of your marketing is wrong or off, you could be dumping gargantuan amounts of money...

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SEO Consulting

Organic traffic is free. It is often where people do their reserach into brands, products and services...

People oftentimes compare up to 20 different providers before making a decision.

Reaching them with advertising is expensive.

Reaching them with white-label SEO is sustainable and if done right, a competitive advantage!

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Hourly Consultation

Hourly consulting is perfect for situations in which you need an outside unbiased opinion with some oversight, advice, and expert analysis.

Without the commitment, risk, obligation, tease or catch.

Our goal is not to keep you coming back, our goal is to get you equipped with what you need to take action towards your goal while saving time and money, and be available should you need anything else in the future.

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Full Consultation

Full consulting is a special exclusive service that is different than standard consulting.

Using a specific process and method, our Full consulting is a top to bottom and side to side analysis of your company.

We use this analysis to put together a special report, which provides greater detail and better action steps.

Full consulting is a package that gives you a significant discount to hourly consulting.

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Without strategy, you'd lose every War.

A strategy allows you to create effective plans because it gives you the foundation, resources, and tasks needed to achieve your goals.

The strategy maps the plan and implementing the plan helps achieve the goal.

Having no strategy is like playing darts blindfolded.

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