Happiness Guarantee
Mayer's If You Ain't Happy You Don't Pay™

If You Ain't Happy You Don't Have To Pay

Happiness Guarantee

If at any time you are unhappy working with us, you should let us know ASAP.

Before we start looking at our happiness guarantee, we want to fix what went wrong and do whatever it takes to make you happy!

First and foremost we believe we can get you the results you are looking for, usually on the first try, if not we keep trying until we get those results, for free.

If for whatever reason there's just zero chance to any reconciliation then you can let us know and get some to maybe even all of your money back.

Happiness Equation

You can use a simple equation that we apply to happiness claims.

Retainer/Deposit/Payments - (Time spent * 50% * $100) = Money Returned
We don't charge by the hour, we are merely using this base number for this specific equation. We do however track time and projects using Manic Time.
Using our tracked time, we take 50% of the hours spent, and multiply that by the $100. This will give a representation of much less than the actual work we put in, but enough to possibly get you some return for being unsatisfied.


For example purposes only: You agree to $3000 for some advertising and copy. You gave us a retainer of $1000, using a $500 voucher that saved you $500. You become unhappy with us and just want to move on after a week into the project.
$1000(retainer) - $500(Vouchers) - (8(hours) * 50% * $100) = $100.

In this example, you would get $100 back.

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