Mayer's Methods™
Step-by-Step processes that help organize and streamline projects by providing consistent and easy to follow how to guides

Mayer's Methods

Mayer's Methods

At Mayer Digital Agency you can be assured of consistent results thanks to our proprietary methods.

These are special one-of-a-kind methods that Justin Mayer created himself, from scratch.

Justin did this in an attempt to make processes and work more understandable, to make them easier to follow and implement for all skill levels and to make them easier to consistently achieve high-level results.

Each "Method" is given steps ranging from 6-30+ per "Method", defined in order, along with instructions, information, advice, tips and tricks in the side bar for each.

These "Mayer's Methods" are for things such as:
•Keyword Research and Analysis
•Social Media Management
•Print and Digital Design
•PPC Ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.)
•Account setup and platform use (LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)
•Website Design
•Landing Pages

"Mayer's Methods" allow for creativity and spontaneity yet provide structure, parameters, rules and regulation.

This is the best of both Worlds. Not only can you be sure of what kind of result you will get, alleviating a lot of the doubt and worry, you can be assured that whoever is actually working on your project, that rigorous adhered to systems and processes will ensure consistent and high-quality results.

"Mayer's Methods Example

Here is an example of one of our "Methods" minus the tips and tricks in the side bar.


ask | It all starts with hello.
meet | It then begins once we meet.
research | When the meeting is finished and we understand the problem, we leave to do our research.


analyze | With the proper research done we can analyze.
identify | Analyzing helps to find problems, which we then identify. 
define | After the problems have been identified, we define them.


imagine | After we define the strategy we can begin to imagine the possibilities.
plan | A good imagination helps to provide the best ideas to help plan.
visualize | A solid plan helps to visualize the best ideas in the greatest detail.


create | Good visualizations help us to create better drawings and sketches.
design | With plenty of sketch ideas we can then enhance them in the design stage.
develop | Once we are satisfied with our design we then develop it to finished standards.


test | After we develop we test.
evaluate | With the test results we can then evaluate.
improveAfter evaluation we improve.


decide | A design is never finished until we decide.
deliver | It becomes set in motion when we deliver.
launch | And it is then finalized when we launch.

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