Quick-Fire Consult
Get a 30 Minute Max quickfire consultation for $27.60+gst
with Mayer Digital Agency consulting services. You can get the answers you need from an expert who goes above and beyond to help clients succeed...

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Get Professional Consultation in 30 minutes max, and a discount on my normal price...

• Save 52% on the price
• Receive expert answers to the questions you have
• Get an unbiased non-partisan opinion from someone interested in your success
• Remove Doubt
• Alleviate Stress
• Help You Make Important and Critical Decisions
• Remove The Liability Of Guilt and Failure

With a Quick-Fire Consult from Mayer Digital Agency...

You Get:

 30 Minutes Max of Phone or Skype Meeting
 Action Sheet
 Synopsis Of The Consult in PDF
 A 52% discount on my current rate

What is a Quick-Fire Consult and Why Is It Worth $27.60?

The Quick-Fire Consult is an introductory consultation offer that gives you a break on the price while still receiving expert opinion, answers, tips, tricks and industry insight.

A 30 minute consultation is actually worth $57.50 +tax at my current rates. But I wanted to offer something for those of you who are on tighter budgets or who lack the budgets but still need expert creative and marketing consultation. So I devised the Quick-Fire Consult, for your benefit, should you need.

What the Quick-Fire Consult can do is help you when you have a difficult decision to make. When you need someone to talk to who can understand your situation. Who can help provide you that clarity and direction.

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Mayer Digital Agency is ready to help you get the answers you want, for a fraction of the normal price...

There are a lot of consultants, marketers, and agencies out there these days… Most of these consultants are business and management consultants… Very few are creative and marketing consultants…

Most consultants want big deposits up front. When they offer something for free it's always just some pitch for your business...

I wanted to offer something where you didn't need a deposit. I also wanted something that gave you more value than a pitch for your business. So I came up with the Quick-Fire Consult.

This gives you 30 minutes of expert consultation at a 52% discount, with complimentary follow up material. This gives you not only the phone or skype consult but also something tangible to leave with.

The Quick-Fire Consult is better than most consultations because it also offers something tangible to walk away with, that can help you get ahead…

Why choose Mayer Digital Agency over our competitors?

exclusive and proprietary

result based

money-back guarantee

personal and intimate, not some faceless big agency

we source our information from experts who have invested hundreds of millions into their careers and companies

Learn more about our Consulting

Consulting Methodology

1. Dialogue
2. Company & Owner Profile
3. Asset Analysis
i) Website Analysis using Website Methodology
ii) SEO Analysis using SEO Methodology
iii) Social Media Analysis using
iv) Social Media Management Methodology
v) Keyword Analysis using Keyword Methodology
vi) Design Analysis using Design Process Methodology
vii) Advertising Analysis using Marketing Methodology
4. Value Proposition Analysis
5. Message & Communication Analysis
6. Ideal Customer & Current #1
7. Customer Analysis
8. Competitor Analysis
9. Industry Profile
10. S.W.O.T. Analysis
11. Summary Sheet
12. Recommendations Sheet
13. Action Step Sheet
14. Full Report
15. Presentation (optional)